If I have a care in the world, I have a gift to bring. – Indigo Girls, Hammer and Nail

This website is funded, created and curated by Sheryl Dubois but inspired by her community.

Sheryl works “on-call” and by contract (since 1993) from her home office. She owns and operates a very successful Homework Club (since 2015) for elementary school children in her community. Sheryl served as the editor (2016-2019) of a 28-page quarterly publication  Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Journal (NSCTJ) now in its 32nd volume. Over the last three years she has published stories in NSCTJ, Chronicle Herald, Halifax Citizen, Bedford-Sackville Observer, Dartmouth Tribune, South Shore Breaker and Valley Harvester as well as research and articles, images and presentations. She founded the OnCallCommunity.ca / OnCallCommunity.com website in an effort to boost the local volunteer community, barter community and just-in-time economy.

Beaver Bank Business Association (BBBA), Rocky Hollow Ranch Nova Scotia and Square Roots – Lower Sackville are among the non-profits Sheryl currently volunteers for – the latter (Square Roots) she works at with her sweetheart, Rick.

Sheryl Dubois earned a BA in Sociology in 1992 completing the Honour’s Program and graduating with distinction. She likes to say she earned a PhD in Parenthood during the 1990s and 2000s. Sheryl currently lives in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia, with Richard Carruthers and their two cats Rascal and Murdoch.

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